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Take your Look to the Next Level¬†with Some Next Level Drip ūüĆ©‚ö°ÔłŹūüí¶

24 Inch Length

High Grade Cubic Zirconia Crystals & Silver Plated Copper Alloy 



Wearing Your Jewels

Jewelry is delicate and is not suitable for wear during sports and extensive physical activities. We don’t recommend wearing jewelry in water, especially chlorinated pools and hot tubs. Ensure you remove your pieces prior to bed and when applying cosmetics, perfumes, sprays, creams and oils. 


Cleaning Your Jewels

Depending on the material your jewelry is composed of, cleaning methods will vary: 


  • Sterling Silver:¬†Mixing warm water and baking soda to form a paste will throughly clean your sterling silver piece. Follow with a rinse under warm water and dry. Using a polishing cloth is an effective final touch to add an extra shine.¬†
  • Stainless steel: Simply mix soap and water to¬†clean¬†your¬†stainless steel jewelry¬†when it is dull or dirty. Choose a mild liquid soap and pour into a container with warm water. Soak the jewelry¬†in the solution for a few minutes.
  • 10k and 14k Solid Gold:¬†Create a mix of mild dishwashing soap and warm and soak your pieces for about 15 minutes. You can use a fine bristled toothbrush for a more thorough clean. Use warm water to rinse off soap and pat dry. Using a polishing cloth is an effective final touch to add an extra shine.¬†
  • Gold Vermeil & Gold Plated:¬†Take a dry, soft cotton or microfibre cloth and gently clean your piece. Ensure you do not clean your jewelry with water or chemical cleaners, these will strip away the gold finish and your jewelry will tarnish. ¬†
  • Titanium: Liquid dish soap and water will remove any dirt build¬†up and an ammonia glass¬†cleaner¬†is effective for additional¬†shine.¬†


Storing Your Jewels

Storing each of your jewelry pieces separately will prevent scratches. Place your pieces in a pouch or an airtight plastic bag (particularly sterling silver and gold vermeil / gold plated jewelry to prevent oxidation and tarnishing). Keep your jewelry away from extreme heat or moisture.